a collection of stupid love junk

by Anarcho Annie

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released July 10, 2015



all rights reserved


Anarcho Annie Los Angeles, California

dreams too big to fit my own two shoes

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Track Name: love we sow
i just wanna see the day break
in a city far away from my home
up north
the coffee stained your linoleum
the day you told me you cant stand to be alone
in your drunken oath
that you'd never leave me
till you
found someone else

goes to show that the love we sow
never could find a good place to grow
on your kitchen floor
plus i dont have gardening tools
and i found too many weeds in your soil
so i had to go
and you never left me
but you
found someone else
Track Name: honeycomb & black coffee stains
and so this sugar lacks in sweetness
though it's stickiness and rotten teeth proclaim
an undeserving worthiness of interest
and the sound of video tapes on replay
i know youre pickled in despair love
with tarnished silverware scraping your skin
a moldy plum used to explain your boundaries
how you cant wait for tomorrow to begin
i left my troubles in my heartbeat
till it started pounding firmly through my ribs
these days i keep them in my backpack
along with all these forty ounces and your sins
too much, the labor of a lover
a nausea persistent yet so faint
i think of muddy knees and laughing loudly
and kissing lips through smiles in the rain
and for so long i havent thought about you
but there'll always be some love linked to your name
Track Name: jumper cables
jumper cables on this tired form again
ignite this heart
oh how soft this love does glow
and how faint its touch
you never really know
shows in your art.

well ive been skipping my meals quite a bit
i dont know why
maybe im just too afraid
of my own confidence
conforming to the hate
of a lover's eye.

these moths will die
at the hands of their love for your light
i dont want to try
to think about that this time
cause fuck thats where my fate lies.
Track Name: rotten fruit
these peaches never ripen
sprout fungus in the heat
as bitter as your negligence
forgotten roots below your feet

ive never felt so tired
whenever i wake up
i hope that i get hired
as someone you could learn to love

but i guess ill never quite understand romance
i hope you dont think that i dont care
cause affection is not a strength that i possess
but through sweaty palms and a racing heart its there.

its funny how these stars are born
from polar opposite states
with temperatures below cold to warm
you'd think that'd be our fate.