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by Anarcho Annie, Everyday Tension

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released January 19, 2016



all rights reserved


Anarcho Annie Los Angeles, California

dreams too big to fit my own two shoes

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Track Name: Jailbird
We're on our way to
Cold dark cells against our will
Stripped of our rights
Waiting for our appeals
I can't see the light of day
No life here nature will have to wait
Crawling over my skin
I feel its cause
All around me
I won't be lead astray!
Track Name: I Won't Grow
I'll write you a song so you feel better
and remember what I would say
got to keep your head on straight
and I looked below at your legs all on fire
went into a dream I had
where everything I knew was gold
now I'm too drunk to know where I'll lay my head tomorrow
playing songs I know aren't good
pretending that lifes still good
I don't give a fuck!
Oh I know I've lost my soul
I won't grow
I don't know where I belong anymore
Glock! glock!
I've been taking every step to realize
money's not that hard to come by
selling my soul to be fast at the banjo
talking in my sleep, saying words I don't know
and you're all blinded by money that doesn't exist
the feds keep printing it off you shits
one day your money will be worthless
and I'll the words I''m singing will one day be worth this
don't cry, there's a better tomorrow on the horizon
don't lie, there's a better tomorrow on the horizon
but I can't see any way out of this place
Track Name: Oh My God
wasting all your time, never finding peace of mind
playing the victum
to a world I never loved, the sun would run much faster that I had ever imagined
I know a place in time would keep me from this crime
oh my god, i wonder what he's got
written on the page, its donald trumps been shot!

dont close your eyes
you're only living
don't say goodbye
you don't know whats happening
Track Name: Separation From Reality
everyday spent in a box, stale socks
separation from reality, rejecting abnormality
paying the bills feeding their lies
your carcass rots and is embodies by flies
your dreams are dying you're not really here
you're just another mold made by a government you fear
you're rotting away and wasting your time
can't you fucking see they're controlling your mind
I feel like I'm wasting my time with all of this
getting black out drunk at the bar every night
theres nothing in your head and your just looking for a fight
you're living a lie and don't know your rights
you might as well be dead by the end of the night
I feel like I'm wasting my time with all of this!
nervous! stressed! always on the edge
breaking every bone, throwing every stone
waiting in vein for something I can't obtain
cigarettes cannabis acid on my tongue
its gonna be a long time till I feel sober again
Track Name: Breaking Down Borders
dreadlocks cigarettes waiting for trains
darling only if you knew how bad I need a smoke
we've been walking around with this look on our faces
like we don't know where we are going
or how to communicate
were breaking down borders we build around ourselves
swallowed in this feeling of not being adequate
or feeling unworthly of contact of our eyes
this tension is deafening but I will take it
I waited there for you to look and see me
alone at the train station runnin scared
I waited there for you
Track Name: A Song for Every Picked Lock
there's an ache in my jaw
in every ten-year molar I've neglected to floss
I've got bleeding gums and tooth decay from the sweet in my talk
you'll take a shot and a half
pour it in your coffee cup (it's fine, it's decaf)
you'll say you've never loved another song like shattering glass

layin in an empty lot behind the vacant offices waiting for the acid to drop
you said "id bet the rent you'd fall in love if you just quit your job"
sniffing glue wearing only socks
in your brothers car, with tires slashed, now its sat up on blocks
with the only tape that you'll ever play
chased our bad dreams away,
a song for every picked lock.

we played with matches that night
at the church beside the river set the roses alight
and we slam danced in the parking lot screaming "i mosh for christ"
a plastic cup full of rum
with silly straws and party hats and a broken bass drum
saying thank you friends we'll tie loose ends here's to being young

every bottle left unsmashed
you said don't be a dick recycle it, throw it in this black bag
dinners on me guys, I'll be payin in quarters dimes and food stamps
the taste of tar stuck to my lips
and oh my failing lungs that scream and dream behind showing ribs
and the ripped shirts worn to hide my attempts
my sense of hungers been swept
away with the last broken dish
Track Name: Pillow Talk
I've got pockets full of lavender and lint
receipts to things I never bought, and a book on how to live
by a woman with an online doctorate
in politics
my ethics are polluted by my greed
im careless and im wasteful and I blame it on humanity
there's no use in pretending not to be
as cold and mean

resist the things you can't define
with words you can't remember, the elitist in your mind
holds all of us accountable for dancing out of line

jade hates my activism and my creed
she says anarchists are criminals, and vegans breed stupidity
"utopia is just some teenage dream,
you'll never reach"
a police badge will replace a beating heart
"I love a man in uniform" I bet you'd hate free thought,
and every dreamer brave enough to scream and shout
about being shot

resist the things you can't define
with words you can't remember the elitist in your mind
holds all of us accountable for dancing out of line
were shackled to our pillow talk
a dreamy song for revolution about falling in love
cause God knows if you wanna change that's the first place to start
Track Name: 517
I'm for all the bandits
for every man who's ever questioned God
every vandalized wall, every shoplifted mall
against every life taken
by hunger, exhaustion, or by man
with the cops in their cars, all in drive-by's all armed
im lonely and buzzed down a street I don't know
with a man who has stolen my heart
and he's singing for peace, God i think this is home
I'm planting my roots, it's a start.
for every starving artist
falling asleep at a desk, pen in hand
with a box full of paint, and those brown coffee stains
every scratched pair of glasses
for eyes to see a whole different world
but everything fucking sucks when you're choking on love
my stomachs in knots, there's a song in my heart
and I can't get your name off my tongue
you're asleep on the phone, and I swear this is home
i love you, my god, please don't go
Track Name: Politics of Grace
i'll burn down every bridge
i build just for the controversy, for my love of rhetoric
my ode to argument
you speak in algebra
a dialect so absolute, it's almost mathematical
it can't solve sarcasm

a toast to apathy
the comfort in this boredom and the numbness embedded in me
i'm so disinterested
in every single concept i'll eventually be faced with
every thought makes me sick
a toast to every broken glass
that we swept beneath the table and decided that "this too shall pass"
we all die anyways
the cynics and the nihilists will hold their breaths until that day
a name for every grave

you love to instigate
you're careful with the words you say to get me to retaliate
you love to speak in haste
the bills are all past due
i haven't worked a day in months the heat is off, the stove light too
but shit, what can you do?

a toast to every thief
to every crook and criminal that never fucking got caught shoplifting
here's to not being in jail
to every christmas gifts i stole, to all your communist ideals
still packaged on a shelf
a toast to every sip of wine
to romanticize uncertainty and unwillingness to survive
my own sonnet to sleep
i'm exhausted to the bone i've got no motivation left to dream
give into lethargy
Track Name: Jules
i met you at the tracks in
eugene oregon
you told me about your dope sick morning
all alone
you said you dont know how to
get home
cause i guess vermont's such a long long long long way to go
especially when you aint got that much

it's so hard to stand up straight
these days
cause upon my shoulder
rests the weight
of my heart
you're in every cigarette that
i'd hate to smoke
cause you filled my lungs with pain
i fell apart
and oh you were the finest of fine art