Bugs! Bugs!

by Anarcho Annie

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released January 14, 2015



all rights reserved


Anarcho Annie Los Angeles, California

dreams too big to fit my own two shoes

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Track Name: Anarchy Soup
it's so hard to breed peace thru the indignance of the world
so we'll start thru the ashes
i dont think ive ever found myself standing or shouting all alone
at the feet of our bosses and the facists
that own the corporate world
im still trying to decipher whether your words are just silly slurs
or drunken poetry
i wish you would look at me the way you did on new years eve
but the cops are still at war with us and everyone of a minority
and i hope you never give up on me or my love for

ive found myself appreciating the rubble in the streets much more
and the cracks on the sidewalks
its not art but it just makes the world much less of a bore
and i think its just so beautiful the way the moonlight hits the concrete poured
i cant bear to listen to you ramble on about the girls you used to like
but im lucky as hell to say im a big part of your life
and i hope that in the future every night can be just like tonight
and maybe we'll fall in love together
dancing through midnight
Track Name: Lyrics from a Used Plastic Bag
i've been so angry lately
you've been repeating "sorry"
i dont know how to stop this feeling
but i know its not good for me
we die for them you know
they dont care they dont

well i dont hate all pigs - just cops
i hope for they day when they've lost
politics make me feel something wrong
but the world wont change from just one song
and now that the anarchists have sung
we say the revolution has begun

but i'll wait until it does
Track Name: Compost Song
well nihilism never was for me
i care too much about everything
i learned cynicism from watching tv
and anarchism from the shitty punk rock cd's
my dad gave to me
but someday we will give back to the earth
i promise you!
you're not a martyr you can't rush things like you choose
we die alone but live in a community
and that sure as hell sounds just great to me

we all turn to trees
we all turn to weeds
we help the worms eat
oh we all turn to trees

now that i'm living the dream
i don't care too much about anything
i haven't slipped back into apathy
and showering isn't an interest that i seek
so i'm not afraid to die anymore
the process of death is slow, but far from a bore
i look forward to rotting for an eternity
and the life i create from my old body

we all turn to trees
we all turn to weeds
we help the worms eat
oh we all turn to trees
Track Name: Yuppie Entitlist Scum
i don't need a bank account
they take more than they say they give
i can't wait to burn one down
and all our money turns to ashes
kindling for the revolution
what's it worth now?
what's it worth now?
it drove us to hate and it drove us to kill

a gas station's my backyard
there was a shooting here last week
and the protesters are loud
they're so loud that i can't think
but i chant along anyway
we are worth more
we are worth more
our lives are in the hands of the rich
Track Name: Ballad to the Greedy
i don't believe rent should be so high
you pay so you will
survive another night
and without rent there wouldn't be
private property
or robberies
it's still the same
greed consumed thing
we dont care as much about ourselves
as what's on tv
we go around
hoping that we'll find
parts of us in someone else
or "love at first sight"

and the cops are bound to be out tonight
we have everything
so just stay inside
don't pay the bills leave them behind
love is free for everyone
and we've still got time
but when they take
every physical thing
they can't take our right to speak
or our right to dream
it costs to live
it costs to die
we can make up the price in love
it just takes some time
Track Name: A Toast to Cops (with a Molotov Cocktail)
ive got more words in my mouth than
thoughts on my mind
if punk rocks about smelling bad then
i think i'll be fine
and it's not a riot if you havent been drinkin
so here's a toast to the cops who kill before thinkin
i dont care much about you and i dont care too much for me
im on the bridge of annoyance and insanity
the systems so fucked but i wont ever stop fighting for peace
between these walls we'll always be free

ive grown accoustom to being let down
most of the time
hell, even our words are
soundwaves marching in lines
im so outspoken my mouth
never seems to close
im tired of bosses and gods and leaders but i suppose
you never look back when you die since we're all destined for hell
im already there but i think im coping well
between the police state and officers in white hoods who kill
between these walls there's no government to dwell
Track Name: The Song I Wrote on your Couch
oh i want to live in the city when i grow old
i wanna be burried beneath these lights
oh my heartbeat will fade in time to the glow
and my body will turn to moonlight
it's ok if i dont die too soon
but id be lying if i said i didnt want to
its a part of being alive sometimes
all you can hope for is to die

well im alone in this parking lot again
looking for some kind of meaning
and im listening to an argument
but half of me is still dreaming
if youre not singing or stealing there's not way youre living
so you should live a bit with me
lets rob a bank or a government building
then forget our apathy

i know you'd never leave me behind in the dark
so why am i jealous all the time
like i remember our first kiss and the spark
but she's always talking in my mind
i slip through moods so fast, i know this
im sorry im angry when we talk
i know im hard to make up and deal with
but someday this hurt will stop

so when you leave, or if you ever do
i hope you never go out of touch
i know im rude, but id never mean to hurt you
my darlin please dont ever give up
Track Name: Sellout Song
well one of these days
you know im gonna get my ass kicked
and im not gonna try
and promise you that im not gonna
deserve it
but your boyfriend
is still the worst house guest i think
that ive ever met
and i hope one day you'll wake up and you realize
that you cant put up with it

wherever i am not
that's always her next stop
just another day alone in the rain
in an empty parking lot

well one of these days
maybe ill just sit and give this all up
and ill say that you yuppies
can have this fucking world
if you love it so much
but the things that we cant help but care about
make us who we are
and i just can't believe that that could mean
our condos and our sports cars

well when it gets hard to breathe
sometimes i slip to apathy
but i dont got any excuses not to learn
what words like home and freedom mean
Track Name: 559 Ave.
to rely
oh all the years ive called my home
im afraid
of lonely nights
of darkness and religious rites

i want to leave this town
ive never seen before
im trying to boil down
the things my mind ignores
but i know that im hopeless
in my trial

im tired
of being sad
of wishing for things i cant have
oh ill be gone ...
and ill be fine again
oh in my absence i will learn
how to live
Track Name: The Soles of my Shoes
i learned to play in alleyways
barefoot through potholes, rubble, glass and
ashes of the possum that we
set ablaze three years ago
we were so free we were so free we learned what freedom was
we wore black bandanas to shield our face from the poison scent
of the burning carcass we all stood around
we set it free we set it free we sang
as ashes danced around

and i know
i was young
but thats the year i learned to love, i fell in love
i learned to become

and without
all that love
the suicide note that i wrote the next year
would be done

and so we talked like lovers once again
we met each other just like new
you told me about your turtles, your love for art and stressful hurdles
and through the year and through the year i fell head over heels
i woke up when you went to bed
for two long years i cried so often i felt like i was made of tears
and in my mind i built my coffin
so premature so premature i didnt want to live

and i came home
to no home
we were evicted earlier that year
and my heart broke

and the most
permanence i know
is in the shoes, it's in the shoes
the rubber of my soles
Track Name: I Don't Smoke Cigarettes
i dont smoke cigarettes for justice
hell i dont smoke at all
maybe once you learn you're something
you'll be worth so much more

drive back to your house in glendale
with the flowers out front
you'll find your integrity lies in
the strings of your own words

sometimes when i get to thinking
well i think bad thoughts
like what if i ever give up fighting
even though ive never really fought

and now im much happier
since i realized youre not worth my time
i dont care much for brown nosers
and youre the top of the line