heart ep

by Anarcho Annie

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Rachel Gerker
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Rachel Gerker I just really love your sound Favorite track: city blocks.
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released September 23, 2015



all rights reserved


Anarcho Annie Los Angeles, California

dreams too big to fit my own two shoes

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Track Name: city blocks
my bad decisions mask my innocent intentions
im so bored of having to explain
how much i fucking hate it here
the dirty floors the toxic air
the memories my skin has retained.

cause of fucking course i left my heart in a city
I've never even been to
god i want to run
but I'm broke and suffocated
between the four walls round this room
i swear I'm going insane.

and you make me so damn mad
i swear to god i won't look back
i know that I'm a shitty friend
i never cared about your tears
yeah, i fucking lied for two straight years
im overjoyed that this can finally end.
cause so fucking what
i will wait for the first train to take me out of state
or i will wait for death
to close the curtains on my frustration and my hate
but i promise you it used to be love.
and i promise you I'm glad that i gave up.
Track Name: progression of a fever
im neck deep in insecurities
these days its been so bad that i can hardly breathe
a sense of wonder's dull brief eulogy
i wrote from all the lies i told you thru my teeth.
god it makes me sick
the filth I'm calloused in
your words, my dizziness, and my neurotic isolation.
still thru my decay,
your voice shakes with disdain
"you're sickening, you sicken me" is all i ever hear these days.

I'm up against a wall thats breaking thru
the weight of an apology that you were never true to
im slipping on i don't know what to do
im sick of staring at the floor, I'm gonna puke.
and all my memories
will turn back into steam
along with all the constellations stitched into my seams
I'm self destructing fast
i ran down the wrong path
and now I'm face to face with all the sympathy I've always lacked.

cause lord knows I'm tired to the bone
and this sidewalk supplies great support.
I've fallen in love with the recklessness of
my own failure to cope.

Track Name: song for the glass on the slab
we're breathing thru black mold smoke n ash
pretending we'll get out alive
the ceilings are leaking the floorboards are creaking
the rent's been past due since july
o and you know that i know were gonna die
so heres to hoping
thru sobriety (or coping)
that i could pass out at your side
or i wish i could.

and the sunlights been shining thru cracks in the walls
these days
theres an envelope full of the letters we wrote in dismay.
and you know that i know you're not ashamed
so tangled up in cliches
and alway thru decay
I've fallen in love with your name
like i knew i would.