Mendocino EP

by Anarcho Annie

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released March 10, 2015



all rights reserved


Anarcho Annie Los Angeles, California

dreams too big to fit my own two shoes

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Track Name: Going Nowhere Fast
i woke up mad again im trying to forget
i even exist
i guess im bumming it to the next show
oh shit
you missed the exit

to make a living is too kind of a term
i live off my despair
how fucked up is it? we pay for this dirt.
we never learned how to share

this house is full of chaos, sometimes i wont lie
i wish it would burn to the ground.
and my shitty friends, they all wanna die
how do we get the hell out?

im too scared to die.
Track Name: El Amor de la Tierra
you're a heartbreak in disguise
impatient words, decisions all laced with lullabies
im so fed up
i know when you've given up

you know we all come from dirt
with roots so deep they touch the core of the earth
your love comes slow
theres still so many things im not supposed to know

last week
you made my knees weak
who knew
this song would be for you

im always so cliche
my words are used a million times a day
riots and cops
my sentence structure sucks but i dont know how to stop

you dont know sympathy
i dont either so you know how things can be
i know you lie
you tell me that you love me but ill never know why

i was wrong
im never mad for long
who knew
i'd fall in love with you
Track Name: Concrete and Dirt
most of last year i hoped that i would die
i figured out there there is much more to suicide
and all the things that go inbetween

i have never slept alone in my life
people are permanently on my mind
but lately it's mostly been you

i go through the day hoping i find some sort of meaning
maybe i'll find it between the concrete and the dirt
i look at you and noticed lately you've been singing
there's no time for god so i will never convert

i used to say punk rock was everything to me
i was naive as any 12 year old would be
i still am i say the same things

sometimes it's a lie or just for fun
i fuck up all the time it's ok cause i'm still young
but there's line between being and doing
i think of that all the time to do so at 5 in the morning

im alone at the factory across from your house
remember the time we found a body right out front?
and round the corner there's a meth lab and a crack house
everyone prays in a town thats so god-shunned